Wallet medium hand buffed leather Olive

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You would normally know your own shoe size, but still the fit and width of a shoe can differ per brand and model. This is why you can find all the information you need to know about the fit of our collection here.

You can measure the length of your feet to find out which size you exactly need. In the table below you can find an overview of all sizes and the corresponding length. These lengths are based on our shoes with a normal fit.

Please check our product specifications for the fit of the shoe before you purchase your normal size. This fitting is based on an extensive fitting session with a model who has and average foot shape and size. Sometimes we advise you to purchase a size bigger or smaller for the perfect fitting.

If your foot falls in between two shoe sizes and the product specifications specifies that the shoe has a normal fit, we advise you to order a (half) size larger.


Place your bare foot on a sheet of paper and draw a mark with your heel and your longest toe and draw a line between these two points. Measure the length of this line and check the table below to see which foot length corresponds to which shoe size. We advise you to measure both feet, as they have a different size and use the length of your longest foot.


Each bag has a different size therefor we've measured all our bags seperately. You can find the size of our bags in the product description.


Please check the product specification for the height and the width of our shoes. The width is measured for size 37, a bigger shoe size has a larger width. The height does not differ per shoe size. 

The table can be used as an aid, however it may be that the shoe is a little smaller or larger. If you have purchased our shoes in the past please use your experience for choosing the right size and check the product specifications. Of course, you can always ask us to give you personal advice about the fit and size of a shoe. Please send us an e-mail or contact us via Facebook.  

MAATMaat Lengte in cm
43 27.8
42 27.2
41 26.6
40.5 26.3
40 25.9
39.5 25.5
39 25.2
38.5 24.8
38 24.4
37.5 24.1
37 23.5
36.5 23.5
36 23.1
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Always an overcrowded wallet with receipts, cards, etc? This wallet may something for you! This olive wallet of Fred de la Bretoniere (322010020) is made of hand buffed leather and will become more beautiful over time. The wallet can be closed with a zipper so you won't lose anything. Of course you can already guess, this wallet has enough space so you can give everything a place easily. This wallet has 6 compartments on the inside and also an extra compartment with zipper closure on the backside. Interested in the dimensions of the wallet? This wallet has a length of 20 cm, a width of 2 cm and a depth of 11 cm.

This wallet is also available in cognac, dark brown and super black. More interested in printed leather? You can also take a look at this wallet made of printed leather (322010019). Need a smaller wallet? Maybe you like the smaller variant (321010012).

  • Artikelnummer: 322010020
  • Marke: Fred de la Bretoniere
  • Saison: Herbst / Winter
  • Farbe: Oliv
  • Produkttyp: Geldbörse
  • Obermaterial: per Hand geschliffenes Leder
  • Länge: 20 cm
  • Höhe: 11 cm
  • Fächer: 7
  • Format: Reißverschlussfach auf der Innenseite und verschiedene Steckfächer
  • Verschluss: Reisverschluss
  • Pflegemittel: Carbon spray
  • Kostenloser Versand (ab 50 Euro)
  • Lieferung innerhalb van 2-5 Arbeitstagen
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